Lisa Kinsella

Founder & CEO at Luwi

Hello and thank you for choosing LUWI.

I am on a mission to light the spark of self-reliance, self-respect, and sexual health and well-being in every woman!

A few years ago, I survived divorce and breast cancer. Through these experiences I saw the incredible impact self-reliance, self-respect, and choosing to be in control of my well-being had on my life. Ultimately, these values enabled me to move beyond these struggles to become healthy, strong, and free to choose the life I desired.

However, as a single woman and a cancer survivor, my reproductive and sexual health choices had changed. I needed STD protection and a hormone-free contraceptive. While this exists in the traditional condom, the problem with that option is that it required relying on someone else to make decisions.

I knew there had to be other options beyond the traditional condom, which isn’t the first choice for pleasure. The statistics show that men wear condoms 5% of the time, preferring to not use them at all; and 50% of us will contact an STD by the time we are 25. This information was not acceptable to me, and I wondered: Why were there so many condom choices for men and none that gave women the control or decision? Why did protection have to ruin the moment or sacrifice pleasure?

LUWI was my AHA moment and my spark was lit! Whether you’re in your 20’s, 30’s or 80’s LUWI is for you! It is pleasure-friendly contraceptive and a trusted STD-prevention option for women of all ages. I hope you love LUWI as much as I believe you will. I want every woman to be in control of her sexual health. I want every woman to have STI/STD prevention and hormone-free contraceptive choices. I want every woman to have control over her sexual life with a product that increases her pleasure and her partner’s. LUWI offers all of this.

Please send us an email, tweet @getLuwi, dm on Instagram or Facebook to let me know how you like LUWI and how using LUWI has impacted your life! Thank you to those who have reached out to me and shared their past and how LUWI has already helped them. You all have such wonderful stories and I am so proud to have made an impact!


As featured in the Huffington Post: Meet The Woman Hoping To Empower Women’s Sex Lives By Launching Female Contraceptive LUWI

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