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Kissing and STI/STDs

Kissing. We all love it – if it’s with the right person. The butterflies in our stomach. The excitement. It’s all fun and games – or is it?   Welp. Not exactly.   Did you know kissing on the mouth actually has the ability to transmit several types of STDs? Yuck. One of the most…Read More

8 Ways You Can Get STI or STD Without Having Sex

Although the “S” in STI or STD stands for sexually, there are actually several ways you can contract an sexual infections without getting horizontal in the sheets. In 2016, one statistic stated that although there was a decrease of 4% in rates of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). This may be because fewer tests were being…Read More

Latex Allergy? LUWI May Be Your Solution

If you are, or think you are, allergic to latex – I can relate!   Latex is a product made from rubber trees and is found in many common items. One of the most well-known and popular items is the condom. If you’ve been using this method of contraception and noticed certain parts of you…Read More

Goodbye Condoms, Hello LUWI

Let’s face it. Condoms are a drag. With over 150 condoms on the market and all made for the male anatomy, no wonder it is a struggle to get your partner to wear protection. The number of lubricated condoms for example that have Nontoxynol-9 or other types of lube can even cause UTIs.   The…Read More

The 13 Types of Contraceptions

Let's talk about SEX ... Now that we have your attention, here is what you need to know when it comes to our sexual health. Let's deep dive into 13 types of female contraception to help you enjoy the pleasure of sex – while still protecting yourself. There are many different types of female contraception and thank...Read More

LUWI – The New Female Contraception

Are you bored of having THAT talk with him about putting a condom on, or do you get embarrassed even trying to bring it up? Are you after a contraception method that you can rely on, but don't fancy the hormones of a pill or implant? Do you want protection from both pregnancy and STDS?...Read More

It Is Not A Condom, LUWI Is A Pleasurable Protector

When it comes to contraception, we never really know which choice to make. I mean, I guess for guys it’s a whole lot easier because it’s a choice between “condom” or “no condom” and it’s a no brainer. However, for us ladies, there’s a lot of options out there and it’s a pretty difficult choice...Read More

Prevention is Better Than a Cure

“Prevention is better than a cure”, wrote Henry de Bracton and the newest prevention method on the market called LUWI is quickly becoming the preferred method of prevention for women and men in the UK. Pharmacy Biz ‘s December issue covers how community pharmacists providing important sexual health information can make their presence felt in...Read More

LUWI New Form of Women’s Contraceptive

LUWI (pronounced loowee)  stands for “Let Us Wear It” and is an ultra-thin, hormone-free, chemical-free, new form of contraceptive and sexually transmitted infection (STI) protection made for women. Launched in London and quicky becoming the preferred type of birth control that you need to know about! Our goal is to reach more women and let...Read More

LUWI Is Made For Women

LUWI is a pleasurable protector. It's not a condom, it's better, it’s ultra-thin, latex-free, chemical-free. LUWI removes the reliance on condoms and the moment-killers they bring with them. Most importantly though LUWI puts a woman in charge of her health and well-being.   “Condoms required me to rely on someone else for my health” -...Read More