Goodbye Condoms, Hello LUWI

Let’s face it. Condoms are a drag. With over 150 condoms on the market and all made for the male anatomy, no wonder it is a struggle to get your partner to wear protection. The number of lubricated condoms for example that have Nontoxynol-9 or other types of lube can even cause UTIs.


The spermicide (Nonoxynol-9) suppresses the growth of healthy vaginal flora (lactobacilli), the beneficial bacteria that live in your vagina. Compromised vaginal flora means that E. coli have better living conditions, and that leads to increased risk of UTIs. Nonoxynol-9 helps bad bacteria to grow and hurts your good bacteria.


First of all, sex does increase your risk of developing a UTI regardless if a condom is worn or not. However, if you are using condoms with spermicide you are significantly increasing your risk level and here is why.


UTI happens in a bladder, and disrupts the vaginal flora which is important because 90% of all UTIs are caused by E. Coli bacteria that lives in your gut and sometimes ascends to your vagina. Let’s also face it that it doesn’t take much for bacteria to make their way from your anus area to your vagina either even with the most perfect hygiene routine.


As you can imagine, during sex some of the vaginal fluids would be spread toward the urethra unfortunately, the urethra is right next to clitoris. Therefore, if your “vaginal juices” are full of harmful bacteria, the chances to contract a UTI skyrocket.


Therefore, healthy vagina works as a natural defense mechanism against recurrent UTIs. And now we are getting closer to solve the mystery of how condoms cause UTI. Increased use of products with Nonoxynol-9 is associated with increased risk of bacterial vaginosis, epithelial disruption, and inflammation of the genital mucosa. If you have to use spermicide-coated condoms, make sure to restore your “good bacteria” with special probiotics, such as RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Feminine Supplement, 30-Count Capsules.


If you keep getting UTIs, condoms aren’t always the reason. Try Uqora as an aid to prevent UTIs before they start. You might want to check what kind of lubrication you are using that could increase your risk factors for UTIs and spreading STI/STDs. If you are having anal sex that could increase your risk for many recurring factors health wise. Other health related factor could be constipation, estrogen, vaginal discharge, or other factors.




Many of these issues and problems could be solved by using LUWI a new hormone-free contraception and protection against sexually transmitted infections that is condom replacement for health conscious people. LUWI offers many benefits that can out way traditional condoms. LUWI is placed in the vaginal or anal canal.


When used and placed correctly, it becomes a second skin that forms to the body and transferring heat for greater sensation than a condom. LUWI replaces the need for condoms. Made of an ultra-thin medical grade polyurethane which is latex-free. This means it can be worn up to 8-hours before you need it. You can try LUWI today and order online. Use code GETLUWI for 25% off your first purchase.