Rip open a LUWI, pinch the small ring, and place inside your vaginal or anal canal, push the edge of the ring in like you would a tampon or suppository. Voila. You’re all set. Between now and 8 hours from now, enjoy.
Make sure he aims for the center of LUWI.

Why use LUWI

Forty years ago there were only 2 common STDs, today there are more than 25 types of STDs. (CDC)

LUWI is a pleasurable protector, a second skin that women wear for contraception and protection against STDs that feels good.

LUWI protects against unintended pregnancy as well as infections. Awaiting FDA clearance.

STDs disproportionately affect young people… between 15 and 24 years accounted for 38% of all new STD diagnoses in 2014. fpa.org.uk

LUWI eliminates interruptions or awkward moments, we wear it up to 8 hours before we need it. Remember, having your own protection does not mean consent.  It is important to have a conversation with your partner about consent.  This is not James Bond; 50 no’s and 1 yes does NOT equal yes.

We don’t have to ask our guy to put on a condom, we can rely on ourselves. Ignite more of your personal power and choose to be in control of your sexual health and well being.

Some infections, such as chlamydia and HIV, don’t cause symptoms straight away so can often be passed on unwittingly.

… 89% of students admitted that they didn’t use [protection] for the majority of their sexual encounters while at university.

LUWI makes sense, we fasten our own seat belts, right? Now we have a choice and can protect ourselves on our own terms.  LUWI is 98% effective for protection against unintended pregnancy and MORE effective than a condom for protection against STD’s. Awaiting FDA clearance.