Latex Allergy? LUWI May Be Your Solution

If you are, or think you are, allergic to latex – I can relate!


Latex is a product made from rubber trees and is found in many common items. One of the most well-known and popular items is the condom. If you’ve been using this method of contraception and noticed certain parts of you are feeling not so lovely, it’s possible you are allergic to latex.


If you’ve experienced a latex allergy (like I have), you know first-hand how latex can lead to itchiness or full blown allergic reactions. You’re not alone, around 3% of people have a latex allergy. This number rises to 10% for people in professions like healthcare who come into contact with it regularly.


These allergies don’t just affect the ones who are allergic to latex, but also those that have partners with the allergy. Women have a higher likelihood of getting a latex allergy than men. That’s because the vagina’s mucus membranes make it easier for latex proteins to enter the body. During sex, women may encounter vaginal swelling and itching. This could (although rare) cause serious system reactions for women.


Non-Latex Condom Options


A latex allergy means using traditional condoms is out of the question. There are other forms of condoms that do not contain latex. Brands such as Durex, Skyn, and Trojan have non-latex options. If a condom is not made of latex, it is usually made of one of the following:


  • Polyisoprene – This material is a synthetic rubber. It does not contain the proteins that cause allergic reactions. This material is also very stretchy.


  • Lambskin – Made of sheep intestines, lambskin condoms are a natural animal product. While lambskin condoms are effective against pregnancy, tiny holes in the condom are big enough to allow viruses that cause STDs to pass through. Only use lambskin condoms if the risk of STDs isn’t a concern.


  • Polyurethane – Condoms made of this material use a thin plastic instead of rubber. The downside – they don’t fit as tightly as latex condoms so you need to be careful about the condom slipping off. These can often cost a little more.


As you may have noticed, each of these options comes with a bit of a downside.


That really makes me nervous!


I want to do what’s best to not only protect myself from pregnancy, but STI/STDs as well. Luckily, I recently came across an option in the marketplace that is changing the way I use contraception and protect myself. Let me introduce you to a product called LUWI.


What is LUWI?


LUWI a condom replacement that is worn on the inside, like a second skin, that lines the vaginal or anal canal.


Why Is LUWI Different?


LUWI is different because not only is it chemical and latex-free, but hormone-free as well. The ultra-thin polyurethane material also allows for greater heat and sensation during intercourse. Who doesn’t want that? Plus the biggest advantage with LUWI is it can reduce any of those awkward moments to ask your partner to put on a condom. You can insert LUWI for up to 8-hours before you need to use it.


Currently, LUWI is available online in Europe. However, it is only a matter of time until it is approved in the United States, Canada, and other markets. If you’re interested in giving LUWI a try, you can order here and use promo code GETLUWI for 25% off your purchase. The product comes in packs of 4 for £10 in the UK or €12 Euros.


Rest assured, the package will arrive at your doorstep discretely and unmarked.


So ladies or gentlemen with latex allergies or for those that have partners with allergies, I hope this helps provide some insight into what our latex-free options are! It is good practice to protect yourself for each sexual act, no matter which way who we are sleeping with or how you want to do it. LUWI is here to provide you the most comfortable and safe way to do so.