pleasurable protector

LUWI Is Made For Women

LUWI is a pleasurable protector. It’s not a condom, it’s better, it’s ultra-thin, latex-free, chemical-free.

LUWI removes the reliance on condoms and the moment-killers they bring with them. Most importantly though LUWI puts a woman in charge of her health and well-being.


“Condoms required me to rely on someone else for my health” – Lexi Bishop, LUWI Woman, Utrecht, NL


LUWI is designed to conduct heat so it feels much better for you and for him. It acts like a second skin that clings to the inside and it doesn’t constrict. Plus, it’s equally effective as a condom for contraception while providing greater protection against STI/STDs than condoms.

My aha moment for launching LUWI was personal, I needed hormone-free contraception and protection and I wanted to be in control of my body. I quickly learned that just about every woman feels the same way I do. Every woman wants to have a choice, to be free from being forced into a role of relying on another, and to feel good while being safe.