Prevention is Better Than a Cure

“Prevention is better than a cure”, wrote Henry de Bracton and the newest prevention method on the market called LUWI is quickly becoming the preferred method of prevention for women and men in the UK. Pharmacy Biz ‘s December issue covers how community pharmacists providing important sexual health information can make their presence felt in the prevention agenda to combat rising rates of STI’s.

Experts say the NHS burden could reach £314 million by 2020 . This figure does not include a £298.6 million extra spend between 2013 and 2020 for the increase in unintended pregnancies. Add to this an increase in the antibiotic resistance of three STD treatments and the situation is dire.

LUWI stands for ‘Let Us Wear It’ and we have been overwhelmed by the demand in London and in student cities throughout the UK. Lisa Kinsella, CEO of LUWI, “We are working hard to keep up with the volume of online orders; we fully support the efforts of Community Pharmacists to increase health and wellness and drive prevention agenda goals.”

If you’d like more information about LUWI or would like to apply to become a part of LUWI’s Pharmacist Sample Programme send enquiries to Consumers can order online at with promo code Pharmacybiz for 20% discount.