“I wish LUWI had been around during my Uni days. I would have been much less anxious about those spontaneous hook-ups.”


“I love LUWI. Forget the pill that messes with my hormones, and forget the condoms because it feels better without one. LUWI is all I need.”


“It’s 2016, not 1960 anymore. Move over rubbers, now there’s LUWI!”


“I can’t even feel LUWI when it’s in. Talk about a smooth transition when it gets hot and heavy.”


When my daughter left for uni, I packed her case full of Luwi samples. I’m very keen that, should she find herself in a situation, she doesn’t have to rely on anyone but herself.


Sexy times mixed with a jot of female empowerment. I’m in.


Takes a couple of gos to feel completely comfortable with something new but it now feels as natural as going ‘bare-back.’


I tried out the ‘8 hour’ time limit last night & slipped in a Luwi pre-date (I was pretty certain that my date was going in one direction.) Was very happy to say to the guy that I ‘had it covered’ when he moved to put on a condom and he was well impressed. We’re going out again tomorrow.


“I’m a divorced 49 year old, and going through menopause. I was looking for alternatives to the pill because lord knows, I don’t need any more hormones coursing through my body. A friend recommended LUWI, and I was ecstatic to find it. I’m a convert!”


Seriously, some of the best sex I’ve had was all because of my little friend Luwi.


“When I met a sexy guy at the pub, I was glad to have Luwi along for the ride.”


Some girl told me she wouldn’t use a Luwi because she didn’t like the idea of fishing around inside her fanny. I asked her what she did when she had to use a tampon. She didn’t have an answer. Moron. Anyway – works for me!


“We are way past the days of the sexual revolution. Every woman needs luwi in her life.”


Started looking out for new contraceptive ideas after my bf got pregnant using the pull-out method. Works a treat.


I was a bit freaked out by it at the beginning, as I wasn’t sure if I was inserting it properly, but we’ve used a luwi a few times now and I don’t think we’ll go back to using condoms. It feels much more real and my partner likes the fact that he doesn’t feel so constricted.


“After my breast cancer surgery, my doctor recommended protection that didn’t involve hormones. There went my use of the pill. A girlfriend sent me the link to the Luwi website and I immediately ordered several boxes. It’s my anxiety-free go-to now.”


“My boyfriend kept complaining about wearing a condom. He said he couldn’t have an orgasm with one on. Then I found Luwi. Problem solved for both of us!”


Well, I’m not pregnant and I don’t have any STDs. So I’d have to say: it does what it says on the tin better than the alternative.


So happy about my new discovery – easy to use and removes the need for awkward condom conversations.


My flatmate told me about luwi and after hearing how much she enjoys her ‘nights of passion’ (she’s very loud) I thought I’d give it a go. They’re brill. I love the fact that I can take control of MY body.


“Luwi not only keeps me STD-safe, it gives me power and control over my own pleasure. Double whammy! (pun intended).”


“Feels so natural. Much better than using a condom.”


I’m very happy to be taking this aspect of my life into my own hands.


“LUWI makes me feel in charge and sexy. I love being in control of my pleasure and protection!”


Went to a uni night and got a free sample. Don’t like taking the pill and my boyf constantly complains about condoms. You’ve got yourself a convert.


“My best friend just went out with his new obsession, and I told him not to rely on this guy for protection. I slipped a couple of LUWI’s in his back jeans pocket and told him to be safe and have fun! Now they’re a couple and my friend’s a LUWI devotee!”