Are you bored of having THAT talk with him about putting a condom on, or do you get embarrassed even trying to bring it up? Are you after a contraception method that you can rely on, but don’t fancy the hormones of a pill or implant? Do you want protection... Read More
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When it comes to contraception, we never really know which choice to make. I mean, I guess for guys it’s a whole lot easier because it’s a choice between “condom” or “no condom” and it’s a no brainer. However, for us ladies, there’s a lot of options out there and... Read More
In a world where female equality is becoming even more prevalent, safe sex still relies on a man wearing a condom. Apps such as Bumble are now giving women the power to call the shots when it comes to dating, but roles are often reversed when sex is introduced. LisaKinsella,... Read More
“Prevention is better than a cure”, wrote Henry de Bracton and the newest prevention method on the market called LUWI is quickly becoming the preferred method of prevention for women and men in the UK. Pharmacy Biz ‘s December issue covers how community pharmacists providing important sexual health information can... Read More
Luwi (pronounced loowee and stands for “Let Us Wear It”) is an ultra thin, hormone-free, chemical-free, new form of contraceptive and sexually transmitted infection (STI) protection made for women. Launched in London and quicky becoming the preferred type of birth control that you need to know about! Our goal is... Read More
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Luwi, pleasurable protector. It’s not a condom, it’s better, it’s ultra-thin, latex-free, chemical-free. LUWI removes the reliance on condoms and the moment-killers they bring with them. Most importantly though LUWI puts a woman in charge of her health and well-being. “Condoms required me to rely on someone else for my... Read More